The Cause of Hyposolation may be to Reduce the Saliva

The Cause of Hyposolation may be to Reduce the Saliva

Looking at the noodles, water comes in my mouth. ‘,’ I love samosas very good, my saliva starts coming out. ‘ You must hear such phrases in your life. It is a natural process to get saliva in the mouth by looking at some delicious or delicious food. Saliva is very important in a healthy person’s mouth. If someone has trouble in this matter then this is a health problem. This water that is made in the mouth is of great use. This is the reason that the obstacles to be formed in it constitute problems.

Why is salivation?

Reduction of saliva or decrease of saliva is called hypoclave. This happens when salivary glands do not produce or secrete saliva in sufficient quantity. Due to this, the mouth becomes dry and starts chewing, swallowing, taking a taste and speaking. At the same time, with the loss of tooth in the teeth, there is increased risk of multiple infections in the mouth. Due to mouth drying, people often drink water in excessive amount as a sign of thirst and consequent fracture urination is frightened by the problem. Problems with salivation deficiency can be generally both rectified and severe.

These are the reasons responsible

  • Dehydration, due to which it prevents the formation of saliva. This is the most common reason. Since the whole body is passing through water shortage at this time. Hence its effect also depends on the mouth.

  • The amount of saliva may also decrease due to any infection that occurs in salivari gland. Mumps or other bacterial causes may also be involved.

  • Due to a particular autoimmune syndrome, there may be adverse effects on the salivary glands. Research suggests that women suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis can often be infected with this kind of syndrome

  • Due to the growth of the stones in the salivary glands, inflammation can sometimes increase and difficulty in producing saliva.,/p>

  • Consumption of certain types of medicines can also create mouth-drying condition several times. On the other hand, some serious diseases or inflammation in the salivary glands can also cause such problems.

Do Not Forget the Symptoms of Ignore

Due to the constraints of the formation of saliva or decrease in its amounts can have a bad effect on the functioning of the body. In such a case, if this problem is troubling repeatedly or for a long time then treatment is necessary. Doctors investigate the symptoms in the context of this problem, find out the root cause and give them medicines accordingly. In most cases, relief comes only from simple treatment, but in severe cases the medicines have to be taken for a long time. They try to increase the amount of saliva.

What are its defenses?

  • Some simple natural or general remedies can also be adopted in the common problem of dry mouth, which can help to form saliva, such as:

  • Chewed chewing gum with low sugar
  • Try to breathe more and more nose
  • Put a spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Chew celevery stick will reduce the problem of dryness in the mouth
  • Chop the lemon immediately for saliva.