Swelling of Eyes Retina or Macular Edima Can be Dangerous

Swelling of Eyes Retina or Macular Edema Can be Dangerous

Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body because they have very fine tissues. It can be very difficult to ignore the problems of the eye many times as a small problem. It is such small problems that you can see moving things or dark eyes in front of your eyes, which often you ignore the eyeache. But this common symptom that you may feel due to inflammation of the eyes. Swelling of the eyelid is called Macular Edema in the language of medicine. This is a dangerous disease, which can make people blind too. Let’s tell you about this disease.

What is the swelling of the curtain in the eyes?

Curvaceous inflammation, i.e. Macular Edema, is a dangerous disease. In this disease, fluid is formed in the center of the retina, which is called macula. The retina is the most important part of our eyes, which is made up of a sensitive layer of many cells. In the back part of the retina, the Macular is the part that helps us to see distant objects and colors. When the fluid becomes excessive in the retina of the eyes for some reason, swelling on the eyes of the eyes begins to swell. This disease is called Macular Edema.

How dangerous is the Macular Edema

Macular Edema can usually cause problems in seeing and complaining of pain in the eyes and swelling. But it is necessary to be treated in a timely way, otherwise it can also cause blindness of eyes. It is important to contact the doctor immediately after showing symptoms of Macular Edema.

What Are the Symptoms of Macular Edema?

In the first stage, when the fluid begins to grow in the retina, then there are usually no special symptoms. Sometimes the eyes may appear dark in front of the eyes for less than a few seconds or seconds, and sometimes a slight pain can be felt. Then when the swelling increases and the blood vessels begin to become blocked, then the things start to appear blurry. The more severe the swelling becomes, the more blurred and unclear. Along with that, there are the following symptoms of Macular Edema, which should not be ignored.

  1. Dark eyes in front of the eyes
  2. Seeing things shaking or moving
  3. Having difficulty reading
  4. Do not see the actual color of things.
  5. Vanishing vision Straight lines, skeleton visible
  6. To be highly sensitive to the brightness of the eyelid light.

Which people have the risk of Macular Edema?

However, due to different reasons, the risk of this disease occurs to people of all ages, but this disease has the highest incidence of diabetes patients and older people. Many times it is also a threat to those who have a history of eye diseases in their family. Usually these diseases can be due to the following reasons.

  1. The most hazard is diabetes patients.
  2. In diseases related to blood vessel
  3. Due to Side Effects of Some Drugs
  4. Due to increased age (Edge Relative Macular Degeneration).
  5. Genetic reasons (retinitis pigmentosa).
  6. Due to tumor in the eye
  7. Due to a hole in the macula
  8. Due to constraints in the retina’s fine veins due to radiation.
  9. On serious injury to the eye,
  10. Eye surgery, such as cataract, glaucoma or retinal related surgery.

Treatment of Macular Edema

If the eyes appear to be swollen or if the signs of Macular Edema are shown, the doctor is asked for a variety of tests and after the disease is confirmed, excessive leakage of liquid is made from the unusual blood vessels around the macula and surrounding areas. . Medicines, lasers, and surgeries are effective in the treatment of Macular Edema, but intraventrial injection (IVI) is the most popular. If the Macular Edema is in one place then the focal laser can be done.