Reduce the risk of Heart Attack from 2 Tablespoons Curd

Reduce the risk of Heart Attack from 2 Tablespoons Curd

Taking the curd in food is very good for health. In summer, the benefits of taking curd are increased even more. It not only frees the person, but also helps to keep blood pressure normal. In a study published in the American Journal of Hypertension, it is clear that yogurt is very beneficial for maintaining a person’s cardiovascular health. Fermented dairy products are good for health. Studies have said that consuming curd reduces the risk of heart attack to 30 percent of women and about 19 percent of men. People suffering from hypertension should also include yogurt in their diet.

Get rid of these diseases

  • Calcium is found in Yogurt is in abundance of which is very beneficial for bones. Eating yogurt strengthens the teeth. Yogurt is also helpful in fighting disease like osteoporosis.

  • According to research published in the Journal of Diabetes, regular consumption of curd reduces the risk of diabetes type 2 by 28 percent. In yogurt, proteins, vitamins, calcium and saturated fat are in good quantity, which help you keep away from diabetes type 2. So if you are worried about diabetes, add curd to your diet.

  • Curd is very beneficial for the stomach. People troubled by stomach disorders should include plenty of yogurt in their diet. When there is a shortage of good quality bacteria in the stomach, due to which all diseases, such as lack of appetite, are born. In this situation, curd becomes the best food. Good bacteria are found in those which cure stomach disease. It helps in digesting these elements. Combine celery in the curd and drink it ends with constipation.

  • Applying curd on the face makes the skin soft and the skin comes in color. If you have a facial massage from curd, it works like a bleach. To remove the problem of sunburn on the skin in the summer, the curd should be shed, it benefits from sunburn and tan. In addition to this, the curd should be used to remove the stiffness of the skin. Applying olive oil and lemon juice with curd on the face of the face ends the starkness of the face.


Other benefits of Curd

  • Diet can be avoided by coronary artery disease in the heart. Regular intake of curd can reduce cholesterol in the body.

  • Drinking yogurt increases digestion capacity and hunger is also good.

  • Infections in the respiratory tract due to cold and cough. The curd should be used to avoid this infection.

  • Curd is used to prevent Lu. You should drink yogurt when you feel loon.

  • This is a very good home recipe for mouth ulcers. After blisters in the mouth, rubbing with curd gets rid of the blisters.