Over masturbation and Erectile Dysfunction


Masturbation is a much exciting task for some men, and others simply do it to get their minds off from sexual intercourse without a partner. Masturbation in healthy limits can help keep one happy and save them from unnecessary and untimely cravings.

The common saying that anything done in excess has more disadvantages than advantages has become a popular notion. A lot of people link excess masturbation with erectile dysfunction, which has been proven wrong time and again. Several people consuming drugs like Viagra 200 mg have claimed that their masturbation desires weren’t countered with such drugs as they only deal with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction As A Result Of Over Masturbation

Too much masturbation cannot directly lead to erectile dysfunction. Several research studies published in this niche revealed how men undergo erection issues that contribute to ED.

For instance, a man who was performing a lot of masturbation came to know that his ED’s cause was extreme depression. Similar studies revealed how men tend to guilt trip after masturbating and assign it to be the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Several drugs like Cialis 60mg have gained approval from the FDA after a thorough screening. They have proved to be effective for people experiencing ED, irrespective of the root cause. Causes ranging from emotional to psychological or physical can be easily resolved by using tablets of Levitra 40 mg.

How Are Erectile Issues Prompted?

In order to understand why masturbation does not lead to erection issues, it is important to analyze how ED culminates in any individual.

Erectile dysfunction is the penis’s inability to attain a full or prolonged erection even after making use of all possible strategies that come in handy. Hence, anything that impacts the erection ability can trigger ED in men. As a result, several drugs like Fildena 100mg Purple Pill are provided to help men resolve impotency.

Reason For Myth Surrounding ED And Masturbation

One prime reason for the spread of rumors surrounding masturbation is because of the large scale perception by society. Needless to say, but society projects masturbation in a bad light, which restricts people from openly discussing it with their peers. Almost everyone denies masturbating. However, according to reports, a staggering 80%-90% of all men and women tend to masturbate in their day to day life. The most generic drugs like Cialis 60mg tablets have been condemning such allegations for years.

Common reasons for erectile dysfunction in men

Some Of The Most Popular Causes Of ED Have Been Mentioned Below

1.   Psychological Reasons

Too much work or relationship stress can trigger erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, people find it challenging to attain a  hard-on because of the non-alignment in their desires with their partner.

2.   Medical Reasons

People who experience diabetes or heart problems are much more prone to experience ED. They should also steer clear of buying drugs without prescription. Although drugs like Cialis 60mg are known to give effective results, buying them without prescription can lead to side effects.

3.   Physical Reasons

These reasons can be attributed to a sudden change in weight. Obese people are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction at a young age.

Apart from these, people who smoke a lot or have experienced sexual abuse at some point in their life can experience erectile dysfunction. Drugs like Viagra 200mg come in handy as they can provide extensive results in less than an hour. Also, the side effects which occur in the rarest cases are not fatal. They are mostly mild and can be treated if due attention is paid while consuming and reaching out for these tablets.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

There are several options available for people undergoing erectile dysfunction. While some solutions take time to show their effect, others like Levitra 40mg tablets can show effects in less than an hour.

●     Daily Exercise

Certain exercises like Kegel exercises for thighs and glutes are very effective, strengthening the pelvic muscles. Strong coordination between both thighs can help in getting a quick and prolonged erection. Weight training can also be included to improve one’s performance in bed. 

●     Taking A Well Balanced Diet

Deficiency in nutrients is also a prime reason for people to experience erectile dysfunction. Try investing in good 8-hour sleep and enjoy a well-balanced meal with all essential nutrients.

●     Quit Bad Habits

Several habits can also trigger erectile dysfunction in men. For instance, men who smoke or drink a lot can find it difficult to last longer in bed. Similarly, watching a lot of porn can be detrimental to your erection as they have overbearing power on men’s self-confidence. Smoking also reduces the impact of drugs like Vidalista 20mg as they can dilute the final result.

●     Try Using Drugs

Several drugs like Viagra 200mg  have shown a lot of promise. People who have tried such drugs are always giving 5-star reviews to these drugs. Generic drugs enjoy a lot of power as they cause mild side effects and result in benefits that last for more than 30 hours.

For instance, Cialis 60mg is known to help people with erection issues. The impact lasts for a good 36 hours, and the subject might suffer from allergies like headaches or a bloated stomach.

●     Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are an artificial way of resolving erection issues. These pumps are fixed on the penile region, and a clamp is set to ensure there is no fidgety movement. These pumps can be used for certain occasions. However,  to resolve the issue from its root, it becomes crucial to impact the root cause. 


Some drugs like Fildena 100mg Purple Pill have shown a lot of promise. However, people need to stop spreading rumors around masturbation. There are several positive connotations attached to masturbation. By glorifying the negative ones, we tend to promote a culture of guilt-tripping about it every time one does it. However, too much of anything can lead to issues in the future. One must try and do it accordingly. Erectile dysfunction is all about erection issues in men, which can get triggered due to several reasons. Drugs like Viagra 200mg have shown great resolve in helping people counter these issues.