Natural Home Remedies for Infant Hair Removal

Natural Home Remedies for Infant Hair Removal

Does your child have extra hair on the body? So there is nothing to worry about. Some mothers get nervous seeing the hair on their newborn’s body. It is normal for the baby to have hair on its body. Some babies are also born with less hair, depending on their genes. The hair on a newborn’s body is very soft and can be easily removed. If you want to know home remedies for baby hair removal, then we have mentioned some safe, effective and natural remedies in this article. Most of the tips below are with age practice. They are helpful in softening the hair and removing the child without causing any pain or discomfort.

Baby hair removal home remedies

The child’s body hair will eventually clear up in a few months, but they can persist in some cases. You can either wait for them to be cleaned naturally or try some traditional home remedies, so that they can be removed quickly. Most of these methods use milk, turmeric and wheat flour, which are very gentle and effective. Also, since they are all organic products, they will not cause any harm to the baby’s soft skin. Here are some steps that you can try to remove newborn hair.

Apply wheat flour paste

Talking based on age experiences, applying or rubbing wheat flour on the body is the most effective and popular recipe. Wheat flour is boiled and rubbed on the parts where the child has hair. It helps in removing hair in a regular natural way.

For this, you can knead soft dough by mixing wheat flour, turmeric powder and almond oil in water. Now gently rub it on the hairy parts on the child’s body.

Milk and turmeric

Another way to remove hair from the body of a newborn is turmeric powder and milk. Make a thick paste of turmeric powder and milk and apply it on the child’s body where there is more hair. Do this method after regular massage. When the paste dries, rub it gently and remove. Alternatively, you can also remove it with a wet soft cotton cloth. After that bathe the baby.

Milk is a natural cleanser and does not require you to apply soap to bathe the baby. If you do this regularly, the hair will start falling soon.

Gram flour

Gram flour is a magical blend, which is considered very good for the skin. It is beneficial for removing the hair of the baby as well as for the skin of an elder. Because all the ingredients used in this skin are natural and proven to provide skincare benefits.

Prepare this paste by mixing it with gram flour, turmeric powder and milk. Just like turmeric and milk paste, apply this paste on the child’s body. You can also use curd instead of milk. This is a safe way to remove baby hair. It not only removes extra hair from the newborn’s body, but also moisturizes and gives better skin color. Apart from this, you can also remove children’s hair from turmeric paste and lentil paste along with sandalwood paste.

Note: While adopting any method, apply the baby’s boil and paint with light hands. Because the skin of a child is very soft and extra care should be taken.