Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers Women

Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers Women

If you use contact lenses, you have to take precautions during eye makeup. Beautiful eyes enhance the beauty of your entire personality. Sometimes due to the mistake made in eye make-up, you are at risk of eye injection and many troubles. Therefore, girls using the contact lens should take care of these things when making eye make-up.

Keep Cleanliness

When applying contact lenses, clean the hands thoroughly and clean them with a clean cloth or towel. When touching it, your hands should be clean and dry. After this, clean the lens with the solution before applying the lens on the eyes. Similarly, after removing the lens, keep it in the cans after thoroughly cleansing it. With this you can avoid eye-catching infections.

Use of the Right Makeup Product

Most make-up products sold in the market are made for normal eyes. If you apply contact lenses, then your eyes are more sensitive. Therefore, you should carefully use make-up products for your eyes. Hypoporgenic make-up products are better for you because these products are less prone to allergic reactions.

Makeup after applying Lens

Before making eye make-up, you should take care of your contact lenses with caution and cleanliness. Put the primer after that because the shadows and liners are fine. Note that you should use cream shadows instead of powder, so that they do not go into your eyes. Also note that cream shadows create more irritation in the eyes so be careful with it and it will be better to choose water-based cream shadows.


People with contact lenses should use pencil liners instead of gel or cream liners. However, do not use lead pencils because the lead particles can be damaging to the eyes.


Avoid using fiber mascara or lash extending mascara. Apart from this, people who have contact lenses should also avoid water-proof mascara. Be careful while using eyelash dye because it can cause eye infections and many other problems.

Use Caution

If you have any irritation or trouble with any makeup product, then immediately wash the eyes with water and contact the doctor as soon as possible. Nowadays there are such products in the market, which are specially made for those who use contact lenses. Therefore, the use of such products will be better for you.