Make your Muscles better than Gym by do 5 Full Body Exercise for 2 Minute

Make your Muscles better than Gym by do 5 Full Body Exercise for 2 Minute

Everyone wants his fitness to be good, but for this Jim cannot afford all. Those who have good income choose the gym in the same way and the result is also good. With this, only 2 to 3 months people are able to make a decent body. But there are many people who cannot spend so much. But it is not at all that those who cannot go to the gym are not entitled to good fitness because the culture of the gym has come. At first, people used to exercise themselves by exercising themselves.

Today we are going to tell you about 5 full body exercises that you have to do for a total of 2 minutes. All exercises have to be done for 30 seconds and after that 10 minutes gap will have to be done the next exercise. Similarly you can do it continuously 5 to 7 times. But keep in mind that 10 seconds of rest is necessary after each exercise. By doing this you will get a good result of the exercise you do. This will strengthen your issues and will not need to go to the gym.

Push Ups

Push-ups are the oldest and effective exercise to warm up the body and strengthen the shoulders and chest. Push-up workout not only fits the body, but it also gets the body V-Shape. This workout is very beneficial for you to fit and strengthen the body. Push ups give a beautiful shape to the upper parts of the body. First put your hands on the floor to push up. Keep in mind that both of your hands should be under the shoulders. Keep the waist straight. Now fold your holes and bring the chest closer to the floor. Then come back to that position. This whole process is considered as push-up.


Crunching strengthens the muscles of your waist, stomach and neck. But some people do it because of the wrong way instead of losing the benefits. It is easy to crunch, which can be avoided by taking care of some things. To crunch, first lie on the back of the ground. Turn your knees to avoid any injury. Now keep your hands behind the head, which can help you get up and not even shock in the neck. Prepare your stomach in the inside and prepare the body for crunch. Now lift your waist and shoulders above the ground comfortably. Your neck should be straight, lifting the waist up. Use the physical strength to rise above and leave the breath out.

Crunches Exercise


The final position of the Full Squat Squat is. This is a kind of compound workout because it has the entire workout body together. In this, the core is the use of the stomach’s motherpages. The most striking feature of full squat is that tow, cock, thigh, glutus all benefit. So whenever you squat full, keep in mind that all your muscles are being used properly. First, lift your hands up to full squat, and the legs should be parallel. Then go to the comfort side down comfortably, keep in mind that your knees should not go beyond the fingers of the feet. Then go to the top. During this you will feel the pressure in your core. All parts of the leg are strong due to full squat.

Squat Exercise

Back Extension

To do this exercise, first lie down and lift your forehead up and take your hands behind. Doing this strengthens your waist and back muscles. You can do this by lying on the floor of a park anywhere in the park. During doing this, you should leave the breath in and out.

Back Extension Exercise

Walking Plank

To do this exercise, you first lie on the ground with the help of elbows and feet. After this, first stand with the right palm and then the left palm. It has to be repeated repeatedly. In the image you can see how you can do this exercise.