Know Expert Tips - Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma

Know Expert Tips – Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma

Asthma is a disease in which you feel relieved to breathe due to obstruction in your respiratory tract. Breathing is a very important action to lead a life. So if there is obstruction in this action then it can also be killer. Asthma can be due to many reasons for smoke, colds, flu, smoking, allergies, excessive drug intake, excessive alcohol intake, from pollution and tomorrow-factories. However, avoiding asthma can be avoided by these things. Dr Manoj Bajpai, chief Ayurvedic physician of Swami Paramanand Naturopathy, is explaining ways to treat asthma with natural means.

Vitamin C and D

Some research has suggested that due to lack of vitamins, the body gives signs of weakness. Such as heavy, zucch, rash on the face etc. If you want to find out what the symptoms of asthma are, then there is a lot of cough that can stop them due to breath. Vitamin C provides the properties of anti-inflammatory. Without this property, swelling can occur in any part of the body. That is exactly what happens in the breathing tube.

Ginger and garlic

Eating ginger and garlic have many advantages such as anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties found in them. They have many benefits if they are used correctly. There are many benefits for many types of asthma in various ways. However, Dr. Bajpat publishes sattvik food, but if ginger and garlic can be taken as medicines.


Miteshi is a very effective herb that helps in getting rid of many throat diseases. Along with Ayurveda, Muthri is also mentioned in Chinese medicine. The stomach is effective in resting the tubes.


Turmeric has always been used in many traditional Indian dishes. Modern science believes that intake of cumin in turmeric provides relief in bronchial asthma. By adding a spoonful of turmeric in the daily meal, many illnesses can be avoided. Even turmeric is also used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Turmeric is also used in some Ayurvedic activities such as Potti Massage, Mud Bath etc.


Whenever a disease is detected, the doctor always tells some dieting with medicines. In the same way, some dieting should also be done in asthma.

Package food items

Most of all package food items are found in a perservative so that the date of their total defect is increased. This leads to many problems of throat swelling. That is why asthma patients are forbidden to eat chips and wafers.

Junk food

The more harmful the package is, the food item, the more damage you can give to junk food i.e. burgers, choumeans etc. Do not use the right kinds of dishes, and the use of cheap food can also lead to situations. So it was all that what we should eat and what to eat should be avoided. But it can be seen how Ayurveda helps in getting rid of asthma, so there are many.


Panchkarma is an Ayurvedic procedure in which 5 ways of Ayurvedic rules are followed. By following these rules, the toxins inside the body are completed. When a person completes the process of Panchakarma, then it becomes healthier than before.

It is believed that whatever is obstructed in the control tube from Panchkarma, it also comes out. And the person can take part in all his actions as before. Similarly, taking advantage of more Ayurvedic services, you can also eliminate yourself and your loved ones from asthma.