Know About the Myths and Facts of Covid 19

Know About the Myths and Facts of Covid 19

The number of novel coronovirus deaths worldwide is increasing day by day, including China. While the virus is spreading rapidly in various countries, so are the rumors. Dr. Vivek Nangia is breaking the coronavirus related misconceptions spread on social media and internet. Some of them are:

1. Common antibiotics can cure new coronoviruses!

Coronavirus is a mutated virus. Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not being able to kill viruses. Because they are antibacterial. Therefore, antibiotics are avoided. But if you have a secondary infection along with the virus, you can take these medicines.

2. Pneumonia vaccines protect against novel coronovirus:

These vaccines can only protect you from pneumonia bacteria. Pneumonia can occur through viruses or bacteria. There are various types of pneumonia viruses, and only some vaccines work specifically for pneumonia. Therefore vaccines are not related to coronaviruses. Recent influenza vaccines do not provide any protection against coronaviruses.

3. Coronavirus is spread by animal flesh:

Whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it cannot spread through meat. There are no side effects, but take care not to consume raw meat and should be cooked properly.

4. Coronavirus can be treated by eating garlic:

This is irrational for viruses. Garlic can build your immune system due to its antioxidant properties, but has no role when it comes to treating coronovirus.