Five Things to Remember If You Face Erectile Dysfunction

Five Things to Remember If You Face Erectile Dysfunction

Five things to remember if you face erectile dysfunction (ED). If you are suffering from ED, also known as male sexual impotence, you would do well to remember these 5 things:

1. You Will Not Be Able to Have Sex:

Yes, when you suffer from reason of weakness in man (ED), you would not be able to have sex. There are a number of reasons why you would not be able to have sex when you suffer from ED and these are:

  • You would not be able to get an erection when you suffer from male impotency.
  • Even if you did manage to get an erection, it would not remain erect long enough for you to be able to have sex.
  • Your erection (If and when you got it!) will be limp and you would not be able to have sex.

2. Relationship Issues: As you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you will face all kinds of issues with your sexual partner. These will include the likes of:

  • Doubt: Your partner will begin to doubt you as you do not have sex with her. She will think you are having an affair with someone else and you are having sex with that other woman and that is why you are not having sex with her.
  • Ridicule: If you have a partner who is not at all understanding about your predicament and cruel to you, she will make fun of you, as you are not able to have sex. And you will be the subject of ridicule to her. Every opportunity she gets, she will make fun of you and tell you how you are not ‘man’ enough, to be able to sexually satisfy her.
  • Affair: As you are not able to satisfy your wife in bed, she may start to have an affair with someone else.
  • Divorce: Things can get so bad between you and your sexual partner that you could end up getting divorced.

3. Emotional Problems: As a result of suffering from erectile dysfunction, you will go through a tough time emotionally. This will create all kinds of problems for you, such as:

  • Lack of Focus: You will find it tough to focus on things. This is because almost all the time your subconscious mind would keep wandering to the fact that you are impotent and you are unable to have sex.
  • Job Problems: Because you lack focus, you would not even be able to concentrate on your job. At your job, you would keep on thinking about your erectile dysfunction problem. This would make it hard for you to work and eventually, things could get so bad for you, you could even lose your job.
  • Anger: You will get angry with everyone, including your house people, as your emotions will be in a mess and you will not be in control of them. This would cause you a lot of problems with everyone – people you know and even those you do not know. This is because, your anger could cause you to get in trouble with people in your house, your office and even with strangers on the road and other places.
  • Mood Swings: All the time you will be moody and your mood will keep changing for no reason. People around you, in your home, in your office and even at other places are going to get affected with your mood swings.

4. Psychological Problems: You could suffer from stress, anxiety and even depression, when you suffer from erectile dysfunction and as such, you may even need to consult a psychologist.

  • Threat to Your Life: There are a number of men who suffer from sexual dysfunction symptoms, but they just ignore this and do not bother to seek treatment. But if you have found out that you are suffering from the warning signs of erectile dysfunction, you must not ignore this, as ignoring this could prove to be fatal. This is because erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign to you, that you are suffering from some kind of illness, even one that could be life threatening.

Yes, weakness of man in bed (ED), could be a warning to you that you are suffering from illnesses like heart disease, stress, Metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, atherosclerosis, depression, Multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, anxiety, obesity and high cholesterol.

It is clearly seen that some of the above medical conditions can prove to be fatal. And that is why, when you have found out that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms, it is very important that you seek treatment for this immediately. If you do not, you are playing the fool with your life.

How Do You Know If You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

If you do not get an erection for a few weeks, you can be sure that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. And even then, if you are still unsure, you can go to a doctor and get checked. And you do not have to go to a male doctor specialist to find out whether you are suffering from male impotency or not. You can go to a primary care physician and he or she will let you know.

In most cases, what works to determine whether or not you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, would be a physical examination and your current and past medical history. By this, the physician would be able to let you know whether or not you are impotent. And if you are, the physician would also be in a position to prescribe a first line of treatment.

In case by doing the above, the physician is not able to determine whether or not you have erectile dysfunction, the physician would ask for some tests to be done, which could be inclusive of:

  • Ultrasound Test: This test would be carried out in an office and it would be done by a specialist. By this kind of test, a video image is created and this lets the doctor see if you have issues with your blood flow.
  • Blood Testing: A sample of your blood would be taken and this would be sent to the lab for testing to see if you had diabetes, heart problems or low levels of testosterone or any other medical problems.
  • Psychological Evaluation: You might be asked by your doctor to get a psych eval, to see if there are conditions like anxiety, stress or depression, which are causing you to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • Urine Testing: This would be done to check for diabetes and other health issues.

In this way, the physician would get to know, whether or not you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If the physician is still not able to understand, in spite of doing the above tests, then the physician may refer you to a specialist. 

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