Exercises to Make Shoulder Strong & Attractive

Exercises to Make Shoulder Strong & Attractive

It is said that wide and strong shoulders are identical to a real man and bring out his personality. So if you want wide, strong and attractive shoulders, then there are many things other than exercise.

Exercises for Shoulders

Strong shoulders not only reflect the identity of a strong man, but with the help of force, the work done through force is also relaxed. Strength exercises such as overhead press, lateral rays, lathe pull-outs for shoulders are very effective. But besides exercising, to make the shoulders strong and attractive, many things are important. So let’s know what they are….

1. Shoulders and Testosterone

You might be surprised to know, but testosterone affects the width of your shoulders. During puberty your shoulders are wide due to testosterone action. During this, lower levels of testosterone can cause narrow shoulders. So there is a need to pay attention to this.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for wide shoulders and strong arms. This makes the upper part of the body firm and strong. During swimming, currencies like breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly stroke are helpful in making the shoulders strong and attractive.

3. Pike Shoulder Press

The pike shoulder press is an effective shoulder exercise. It works on the front and sides of the shoulders. To press the pike shoulder first place in the push-up position and then place your feet on a higher place, such as on chair or table etc. After this, lift the pike position on your hips with your hands. Now keep the body in the pike position and lift the upper part of the body towards the ceiling, leaving the Elbows head and bending. Do set 8 to 10.

4. Lateral Rays

Lateral rage works on the shoulder muscles. This gives the shoulders a better shape. The shoulder of strong and right shape can bring glory to any man’s personality. It is important to keep weight right while doing this exercise. At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that let go of breath while going up and pull down the breath while coming down.

5. Shoulder Press

To press the shoulder, hold the dumb in both hands and sit on the chair. Stretch both feet firmly and keep it on the ground. Now try to bring the parallel to your ears by lifting the dumblr. Keep the head straight and slowly move the dumbel down. Increase the shoulder press along with the growth of stamina, just like push ups.

6. Push Ups

Lay down on the stomach to push up, keep both palms on parallel grounds and stick chin with the chest. Now lifting the body upside down while lifting the body, lift the body upwards. Now bring the body down again and open the chest from the ground.

7. Strength Training Exercise

For those who wish broad shoulders, cardio exercises are not enough, for this, you will also need to include strong training exercises in your workout. Weight Lifting Exercises are very effective in this case. Apart from this, also do military press, push ups and so on.

8. Keep right Position

Staying in the right posture to keep shoulders wide is also very important. All day you have to stay in the right potters. What is your posture while walking, rising, sitting and standing; its impact also affects the shoulders. If the shoulders are not kept straight while walking, then they tend to lean.

9. Yoga

There are many such yoga sessions that help make the shoulders strong and wide. As an example, the practice of Surya Namaskar, Bhujangasan, Bhramari Asana etc. is very helpful in widening the shoulders.