Exercises to get Strong Chest

Exercises to get Strong Chest

Strong Chest not only makes your speech attractive, but also helps your whole body. But to get a strong and attractive catch, it is very important to do the right exercise.

When to Get Stronger Chest

Strong and broad chest Macho Man is identified. And even if it does not, if the chest is strong and ready, then it proves to be your muscular. Men have a great desire to get attractive and strong chests, for which they also work hard to break the waist in the gym, but to get such an attractive and strong chest, there is a need for a few exercises for a chest and a balanced diet. . So let’s know what are the exercises to be made for the best chests.

Bench Press

The famous workshop for Chest’s most effective exercise is the workout Bench Press which really strengthens chest muscles. Lay the bench on the bench to press the bench and hold the barbel with both hands. Now raise it 12 to 15 times and bring it down. This will strengthen the chest muscles and sew will be wide.

Dumbbell Bench Press

This flat-dumbbell press has a matching exercise. But the Dumbbell Bench Press works more effectively on chest muscles. To do this, lie on the back of the bench on the bench and lift the dumpling in both hands and pushing the shoulders towards them to the chest and then take it up. Set 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 10 ramps.

Push Ups

Push ups are the only one exercise that is heavy on all exercises. It is such a workout to get a wide chest that you can do anywhere without any weight. To do this, lie down on the stomach and lift the body with both hands and then bring down. This will raise the chest issues and strengthen the side too.

Staged Push-Ups

Stiggard push-ups make stronger, shoulder and triceps stronger and larger. It is done in three steps. Come to the position of push-up in the first step and straighten your legs and hands. Then put the arm under the shoulder. In the second step, move your straight hand forward and reverse in sequential order. Now move your chest towards the floor until it touches it, and then back to the top. A rap will be completed when you return. Use the other hand in each rap, respectively.

Dumbbell Chest Press

You can also exercise Chest with the help of dumbbells. To do this, lie behind the bench on the bench and hold the dumbbells in both hands instead of barbell. And take them up and then bring them back down. Keep in mind that dumbbells do not tilt more.

Flat Dumb Press

Flat dumbbell presses are better exercises than flat bench because your hands do not fall below a certain limit. Where the rod touches the chest while sitting on the bench, you push it upwards, while there is nothing to chew on your chest while pressing the dumbbell. The more pressure you take down the dumbbell, the pressure is made on your chest.

Medicine Ball Push Up

Medicine Ball is an effective exercise of push-up chests. To do this, put the left hand on the medicine ball and the right hand on the ground after coming in the push-up posture. Then place your chest one inch above the floor and then press upwards. Place your left hand above the ball and the right hand on the floor with the above position.

Isometric Chest Contraction

To do this exercise, turn your knees slightly apart and stand straight. Hold each end of a towel straight towards the shoulders and chest towards the outside. Now using the small vibration motions, at the same time pull the towel on the opposite end. Try to keep the towels taut in between the vibrations. Continue for one minute repeated it three times.

Importance of Breath in Chest Exercise

The method of breathing in Chest Exercise is of particular importance. Always breathe while taking the weight up. While exercising with Normal Wet, keep breathing also normal (this will apply to every part of every exercise, beyond this we will talk about heavy weights). While heavy weight, lift the breath faster while taking the weight up and keep breathing while coming down, this will allow you to hold the weight. It is very important to take care of the movement of breath while exercising after applying heavy weight. Wherever the weight is to be pushed, breath will also be pushed.