Eat These 9 Things in this Summer get increase Calories & decrease Weight Loss

Eat These 9 Things in this Summer get increase Calories & decrease Weight Loss

By eating food increases, these people know the world, but there are some foods that you lose weight. Control of weight is extremely important in health terms and Quick Weight Loss has become a trend nowadays. Although there are many different ways, but different researchers believe that the right kind of food is most helpful in reducing weight. There are some things that can be controlled in weight by controlling the weight. Some such food items are being mentioned here.


Do you have a habit of stuffing yourself during lunch or dinner? If yes, then start your mile from Salad. Keep in mind that this salad should be without creamy dressing. A study on 42 women in Pen State University was observed that those who ate a large plate before the mile ate low calorie salad, they could eat less than 12 percent less pasta later. According to the study, it was due to Salad. According to a report published in a journal of the American Dietic Association, in addition, there are nutrients such as folic acid, lycopene, and carotenoids, besides vitamin C and E, in salads, which increase immunity. Green Tea Green Tea is the best beverage for all those who wish to lose weight. Green tea contains antioxidants called catastens that help in fat burning and metabolism. Various research has shown that Green Tea Bodies also help in reducing mass index and reducing harmful LDL cholesterol.


After meals, there is a big reason for sweet obesity. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on microwave oatmeal or hole-grain toast, you will get rid of this cravings and also from unhealthy calories. According to a study done by the US Department of Agriculture, after eating a few cinnamon after a meal, it can easily be relieved from the sweetening of sweet. Cinnamon is also very good in terms of health. Daily consumption of one-fourth teaspoon cinnamon powder is helpful in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol in patients of type 2 diabetes.


Beans are considered to be the best in weight loss terms. According to a research in the University of California, beans contain elements that help to increase the digestive hormone called cholecystokinin by about two times. According to some studies, beans help maintain blood sugar levels so that if you have to starve for long periods of time, it is not harmful for you. Beans are considered as high fiber diets which also help in reducing cholesterol.

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Egg proteins have a treasure. Eating breakfast in the morning is very good for health. A research found that women who take two slice toast and low calorie fruit spreads with breakfast, scrabble egg in the breakfast, are less hungry than women who eat a normal breakfast. Less hunger is evident in the human being that low caloric consume will be done.


Pear fiber is a treasure. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, a pear of about six grams is enough to satisfy your appetite. According to the institution, apple is the best source after pearl to eliminate hunger. Both fruits have pectin fiber which reduces blood sugar levels. Instead of taking high calorie snacks when you are hungry, eat pears, you will not have access to unhealthy calories in your body.

The Soup

A cup of chicken soup and a normal size chicken grind can be almost the same as hunger. If researchers believe chicken soup is helpful in reducing appetite.

Lean Beef

If you want to reduce your body’s extra pounds, then add lean beef to your dinner. If you take 1700 calories a day, then 9-10 oz lean beef can become an important part of your diet. Beef eaters also feel hungry, so it is also included in the weight loss food category.

Olive Oil

It is difficult to reduce fat in a growing age. Olive oil may prove to be helpful for you in this way. Olive oil is made of monounsaturated fats, which is helpful in burning calories. Olive oil can be used as a saddle or salad dressing. In Australia, 57 to 73 years of women was performed, a study proves that olive oil helps in increasing metabolism. Women in this study were given breakfast in skimmed milk and oatmeal by adding olive oil.


Vinegar consumption does not seem to be hungry for long. According to a Swedish study, people who eat the bread slices in the vinegar, compared to those who eat the plane bread, are less prone to hunger. Acetic acid present in vinegar takes time in digestion, which causes hunger to look late.