Dry Eye Syndrome Parenting Children Eye Study

Dry Eye Syndrome Parenting Children Eye Study

If the eyes are rigid, then the speed of reading decreases. The stinginess of eyes is a disease in which there is no sufficient amount of tears from the eyes. This is called dry eye syndrome. It affects the function of eyes. Researchers who researched this syndrome show that people with chronic dry eyes (blindness of eyes) have less reading speed. Research found that the rate of reading in people suffering from this disease is 10 percent less than usual. Also, it can be difficult to read on average for more than 30 minutes.

Those whose eyes are more intensely diagnosed in clinically, have a less readable 32 words per minute, while people without disease can read 272 words per minute. Assen Ekpek of Johns Hawkins’s Wilmer Eye Institute said that in the eyes People are unable to read most of the time due to the stereotype, because the eyes do not get wet because of not having enough tear in their eyes. That’s our guess. This research has been published in the Journal of Optometry and Vision Science. Research included 186 people 50 years of age or older.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Nowadays, there is a time to work on computers, due to which the problems of dry eye syndrome are also increasing. Dry eye syndrome either reduces tears in the eyes or their quality is not good. In fact, tear, keeping the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye moist and wet, prevent it from drying. There is a tier film in our eyes. Its outermost layer is called lipid or oily layer. This lipid layer reduces the flow of tears, drying or flying of tears in the heat and air. The lipid or the oily layer provides lubrication of eyelashes, which makes it easier to blink the eyelids. But for a long time working on a computer or watching too much TV or staying in a continuous air condition, the eyes of the eyes are affected by tears and the eyes begin to dry up. This is called dry ii syndrome.

Symptoms of Diet Eye Syndrome

According to doctors, burning sensation in eyes, feeling prick, dryness, itching, heavyness, redness in eyes, etc. are among the main symptoms of syndrome. A person suffering from dry eye syndrome blinks his eyelids repeatedly and loudly.

Protection from Diet Eye Syndrome

  1. Keep the temperature in which the room is low, keep moisture in the atmosphere.

  2. Drink plenty of beverages.

  3. Do more green vegetables, seasonal fruits and milk intake.

  4. Do not let air conditioners air directly on the eyes.

  5. Keeping the eyelids dry while working on the computer, this tears of the eye do not dry quickly.

  6. After working on the computer, after half an hour remove your eye from the screen for five to ten minutes.

  7. Use anti-reflective coating and anti-reflective spectacles while watching TV or working on a computer.

  8. Avoid alcohol and smoking.