Don’t use These 5 Things after talking Milk, Harmful for Body

Don’t use These 5 Things after talking Milk, Harmful for Body

The milk is completely food in itself, that’s why we use it. The people drink milk due to Vitamins & minerals present in it. But according to the rules of Ayurveda, consumption of some diets with milk is not considered right. Consuming these diets together can damage the body. Let’s tell you what the diet is.

Milk harmful, even with lemon jackfruit

Do not consume milk, citrus, lemon, jackfruit or bitter sour or salt together at any time. This will give you damage rather than gain benefits. So that, you can have physical problems. By eating this, most skin diseases can be herpes, itching, itching, ageism, psoriasis, etc.

Do not Use Urad Dal with Milk

Along with milk, all pulses, carrots, sugarcane, potatoes, oil, jaggery, honey, curd, coconut, garlic, kamnall, should not take all salted and acidic products. Keep at least 2 hours between them. If you eat urad pulse with milk, then the risk of heart attack is increased.

Don’t Eat Radish with Milk

Milk should never be taken with salty and sour things. Apart from this, if the radish is used in any food, then milk should not be taken immediately after it, because doing so can cause milk to be poisonous and there is a possibility of skin related disease. Drink milk made of radish after eating at least two hours.

Don’t Use Fish with Milk

The curd of the curd is cold. Do not take it with any hot thing. At the same time, the taste of fish is very hot, so it should not be eaten with curd. Consumption of this can lead to gas, allergic and skin related illness. Apart from curd, honey should not be eaten with hot things as well.

Don’t Use Fruits with Milk

If you take fruit with milk, then calcium inside the milk takes several enzymes of the fruit to adjust the adjourbs (and they can’t nourish the body). Cereals such as orange and pineapple should not be taken with milk at all. Many people take bananas and milk in the fast, etc., which is not correct. Banana increases cuff and milk also increases cough. Eating together with both of them increases cough and also affects digestion.