Don’t Expect from Children for a Bright Future

Don’t Expect from Children for a Bright Future

Every parent wants their child to be very active and ahead of all children. Parents are ready to go to any extent to fulfill their wishes. There is no doubt that every parent thinks of his children well. But many times, interfering with children’s life or tacking them on everything or having children hoping that they do just what you expect from them, this is your biggest mistake.

Because instead of improving the children, they are careless and self-reliant. The art of making children’s lifestyles simple and smooth should be in the parents. If you teach your children the art of living in discipline, you will never need to touch them. Nowadays, routine of most of the schoolchildren has become very narrow. During the holidays, the list of their activity classes gets added further. From six o’clock in the morning to nine o’clock in the morning, between 15 hours, the child is able to get a break of only half an hour with great difficulty.

Why does this happen?

What is the reason for such engagement in children? Regarding this, Dr Aarti Anand, consultant-clinical psychologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, says, “Nowadays working parents living in the metros do not have any time for the children. After sending them to school, they themselves leave for office. Due to traffic, it is about eight o’clock in the evening to reach home. The biggest problem faced by parents living in a nuclear family is that after five to six hours after returning from school, how can one leave the child alone at home? By reaching home, children resort to video games or net surfing to remove their boredom. For this reason, internet addiction is increasing rapidly in children nowadays. Parents have a compulsion to keep them busy in a variety of creative activities with the aim of protecting them from similar habits. Apart from this, today’s children are so energized that they do not like to sit too empty for a moment.

Parents try to engage them in activities related to their interest in order to channelize their energy in the right direction. Apart from this, nowadays socialization of children in autism cosmopolitan lifestyle is a major problem. This problem becomes even more acute if they do not have any of their close friends in the neighborhood. Dr. Aarti Anand further says, “If activities are related to the interest of children and their energy level is high then they are also very happy in their busy routine. This gives them a lot to learn and their personality develops in a balanced way. When $ $ starts, parents put pressure on them to join activities actively without regard to their child’s ability and interests.

Some Unfinished Dreams

The desire to see your child at the top number in every field from studies to sports is natural, but some parents put a lot of pressure on the children for it. In fact, they want to fulfill all their incomplete dreams through children. They do not care about the likes or dislikes of the child in front of their strong desire. Namrata Mishra is employed in a bank. She says, “Since childhood, I wanted to learn swimming, but girls in our family were not allowed to do it. I kept feeling like I did. When my daughter was born then I had decided the same and $ that she would definitely teach swimming. When he was five years old, I started sending him to swimming classes in the summer, but he was very scared of water. He was not ready to go into the pool and cried a lot more, but on me he was tune in to make his daughter perfect in swimming. After a constant effort, he got to learn to float in some way, but it got skin allergic with the water of the pool. Not only that, the name of swimming was so horrified in her mind that she would cry in the crying sleep, ‘Mummy, please do not let me go to the water.

Eventually his problem grew so much that I had to get advice from skin specialist and child counselor. At their instance, I stopped her swimming classes. He told me that your daughter is very small. Leave it free for two to four years to play it with your own free will. Identify his interests with patience and start sending him to an activity class only after his resignation. I still regret my mistake on this mistake. We have no right to forcibly impose their interests and incomplete dreams for children.

Question Status Symbol

In today’s exhibitionist society, like the expensive branded things, all minor achievements related to children’s education and activities have also become status symbols for parents. In each case, they compare their children to relatives and neighbors. They always expect to get ‘more and more’ from their child. Even if his son is the best player of the school’s football team, but when the child of the neighborhood returns home after winning the championship of Chase, the mother says to her child with a lot of money, ‘Why do not you even learn to play chess? ‘ To show the family status high in front of people, putting a lot of hope ahead of the child will be a great achievement.

Readily Accept

Parents often forget that every child is different from the other. It is natural to have some flaws in the personality of his personality. Parents having tremendous expectations from children should once honestly analyze their personality. Are they as capable of themselves as much as they want to make their child? Whatever the parents are, they are her role model for the child. His love with parents is without any condition. So, depending on the achievements of their children, how good is the sharing of love between them? It is imperative for your child to do something good, but to follow a distraught attitude towards him when he goes back into competition is inhuman. Do not forget that whatever it is, it is valuable to you. He needs your loving guidance every moment, does not reprimand him. So accept your child’s imperfections and gladly give him a lot of love.

Do Not Forget Also

  1. With his modest and loving behavior, give him the assurance that you love him a lot and will be with him in every difficulty.

  2. Stop the teens forcing them to tiny things.

  3. Not only for the achievements of the child, but also for the honest effort of his failure if he fails.

  4. Never compare it with your siblings or friends

  5. Do not show the rush to make it perfect in every field. Gradually recognize its interests and let it do the same, in which it gives true happiness.

  6. It is not necessary that every child is over-smart or all-rounder. Some babies are innately shy, but for that it is not right to cure them. Recognize his other good qualities and admire them. This will increase his confidence. Moderate students can also become great scientists or writers.

  7. Do not always remain in the position of preaching in front of him. Often hearing the same things, he will get bored and will try to run away from you.

Spend quality time with him daily. During that time there should be no interrogation about the prevention and education of his $ mistakes. Spare things smoothly with her or play an indoor game.