Don’t Do These 4 Exercise in Pregnancy, Harmful for Child to be Born

Don’t Do These 4 Exercise in Pregnancy, Harmful for Child to be Born

Exercising in pregnancy is good for both the mother and the child being born. Exercise makes both body and mind fit. In pregnancy, you should take special care about what exercise you should and should not do. During pregnancy, there are some exercises which should not be done. Today we are telling you through this article what exercises can be harmful for you.

Do not use these exercises in pregnancy

1. Weightlifting

Weightlifting should not be done at all during pregnancy. By doing so, stress and cardiovascular problems are created in the brain cell. You can have Labor Pen ahead of time, so do not do weightlifting in pregnancy.

2. Sports

You can get hurt by playing high impact sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis etc. So stay away from high impact sports during pregnancy.

3. Crunches

Do not sit-ups and crunch during pregnancy. By doing so, the pressure on the core mussels to lose weight and burn fat.

4. High intensity workout

During the process of high intensity workout, the heart needs more blood. High intensity workout increases during pregnancy, heartbeat increases which can be harmful to both mother and infant.

Do Exercise This Type

Women should take special care before exercising. During this time women can exercise like swimming, jogging and aerobics. But remember to practice aerobics in the presence of the instructor. Apart from this, women can also practice Yoga. If you are jogging before pregnancy, then you can continue with some precautions. Before starting the exercise, talk to your doctor about this once.


  • Do not exercise when high blood pressure is high during pregnancy.
  • Do not exercise even when bleeding is done and there is also down to acaal or placenta.
  • If you are feeling tired and dizzy during exercise, stop exercising and relax. If you are having more problems, contact the doctor immediately.

  • There should be enough light and air at the place of exercise