Can Hypospadias be cured by Circumcision Surgery in Adults?

Can Hypospadias be cured by Circumcision Surgery in Adults?

As technology is developing gradually; new medical conditions are emerging in the world. These diseases were there from the beginning but were not discovered because the scientists didn’t have the tools and equipment to diagnose them. Some people think that it is the evil of science that new ailments are been sought out but in a way, it is good because we can find cures for it and prevent them from spreading.

Many of these new diseases that are been found out are related to the male reproductive system. Several defects and problems are being faced by men regarding their penis and they consider that no cure is there for some of the conditions, but there is a solution named Circumcision Surgery in Adults.

What is Hypospadias Condition?

A very rare state that can occur is Hypospadias in adults. It is generally found in male babies at the time of their birth. It is difficult to see whether the baby has the problem or not because the size of the penis is tiny; so the doctors, as well as the parents, ignore it. This causes its growth in later years or as a baby the Hypospadias condition was not properly treated.

Where to locate it?

Basically, it is related to the whole of the penis because it can be present anywhere on the organ. It can be located at four points of the foreskin of the penis;

  1. Most of the time it is found at the very tip of the penis opening. It is called glanular or Distal.
  2. The Midshaft opening is found right in the middle of the whole penis.
  3. At the base of the penis, the opening is known as Penoscrotal.
  4. Where the scrotal sac is located Perineal is the name given to the opening.

How to Diagnose Hypospadias?

Hypospadias is an abnormal opening that can be located at any one of the places that is mentioned above. For infants, the doctor takes a medical examination to see whether the condition is what it seems or it is something else. In adults, if this condition is not treated at the time of birth then it can cause severe problems like the foreskin doesn’t completely cover the tip and very odd positioning of the penis.

Major Causes Behind Hypospadias:

There are several causes that are a contributing factor to the development of this disease. Some of them are related to genetics whereas neglecting it was also a reason. Below are the reasons that are explained by the surgeon at Circumcision Center for having Hypospadias.

It Runs in the Family:

The children who have this disorder should have inherited from their family. Other male members of the family must have and it was then transferred to the newborn babies. It may also happen that the grandfather has it but not the father and it moves over to the grandchild; skipping one generation in the middle.

Complications during Pregnancy:

Everyone knows that a lot of birth defects are the result of various complications that can develop when a woman is pregnant. This defect can be probably the result of a problem that the mother has suffered.

Hormonal Factors:

In later years hormonal changes occur in men and can also a solid reason for Hypospadias. This can change the overall size of the penis including the foreskin this can be the result of an abnormal opening.

It is at Birth:

The babies have this defect at the time of birth. Although it can’t be detected by the parents at the time of birth as the size of the organ is too small but after some time when the penis grows, the problem becomes visible.

Not Cured During Childhood:

You must be thinking as to why a defect of childhood can become a major problem for adults? As discussed above the parents and at many times even the doctors can’t detect the dysfunction so automatically it gets ignored and gradually develops into something that can become painful. If this dilemma is not cured in childhood then it can cause difficulty for adults.

Circumcision Surgery in Adults Cure Hypospadias:

A very effective way to cure Hypospadias in adults is through circumcision surgery. You must be thinking as to how this can be possible but it is. As you know that the foreskin is removed from anywhere on the penis, so the skin that surrounds the abnormal opening can be removed and stitched back. Circumcision is a method that is used to extract the skin from the middle and bottom of the penis. This means that the opening of Midshaft, Penoscrotal and Perineal can be permanently cured.

It must be a surprise for you to know that dysfunction that occurred in birth which was not cured can be corrected through a simple process of Circumcision Surgery in Adults.