Benefits of Yoga for Your Body and Mind

Benefits of Yoga for Your Body and Mind

The yoga consists of different exercises and postures that help eliminate stress, increase concentration, and relaxation through more significant contact with our own body, creating mental and physical stability to face the day better.

That is why it is becoming an increasingly demanded practice and is being incorporated into sports centers and gyms. Among its many benefits, some of them stand out.

1. Create more inner peace

One of the best-known advantages of yoga is the ability to generate inner peace, thus freeing from negative and intrusive thoughts and eliminating disturbances of the mind. This is achieved by reducing anxiety and stress through relaxation techniques that contribute to creating a climate very close to meditation.

2. Build more awareness

Yoga helps to create greater awareness about oneself, that is, a greater connection with our environment, our role in the world, and a more effective conflict resolution. It also helps to make way for greater coordination, less reaction time, and more memory.

3. Help your heart and lungs

The practice of yoga greatly helps the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the lungs. Through a series of exercises known as vinyasa, they generate aerobic activities (endurance and balance) that the body needs for optimal functioning of the heart.

One of the properties of yoga is, through breathing and relaxation techniques, greater control of the heart and lungs

Yoga also helps control breathing, and thus avoid rapid breathing and anxiety. Yoga also promotes better functioning of the circulatory system and maintains greater oxygenation of the body’s cells.

4. Help to lose weight

The practice of exercises such as ‘Sun Salutation’ or abdominal breathing provides opportunities for weight loss. In addition, over time, those who practice yoga become more sensitive about the type of food they eat and how they should eat them. That also contributes to greater control over one’s weight.

5. More strength and endurance

In the yoga postures, the great majority of the muscles of the body are exercised, so, being exercises in which balance and resistance are mainly trained, the strength and endurance of tissues of both arms and legs can be increased. Coordination and relaxation also help relieve muscle tension, so that increased strength does not cause tendon problems.

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6. Increase flexibility

Yoga helps flexibility and mobility, and, with its regular practice, the muscles stretch more efficiently, and the joints increase their elasticity. This generates an increase in agility in the daily rhythm, prevents the typical ailments of the passage of time, and eliminates the side effects of some bad postures in everyday life, such as going to the computer in an office, driving, or working standing.

7. Regulates the nervous and endocrine systems

The practice of yoga helps improve the capabilities of the nervous and endocrine systems, which are responsible for the process of receiving, integrating, and responding to the information that body and mind collect and the regulation of hormones.

8. Relieves pain

The properties that exercises such as asanas provide pain relief in people with diseases or ailments of any kind have been demonstrated. This is because the basis of yoga is the ability to listen, relax, and concentrate energy towards those affected areas of the body, know their sensations, manage them and dissolve the effects of that pain.

9. Reduce stress

This property of yoga is one of the most attractive to new followers after long working hours or a multitude of problems. The body responds to stress through a fight response that activates hormones such as cortisol from the adrenal glands.

Stress in yoga is reduced by actions in which relaxation is achieved through active listening of the body

Practicing yoga involves listening to the body and generating higher sensitivity towards the body and the mind. It combines action and relaxation, something that helps reduce stress and learn to relax at the time of the action of exercises, both moderate and even somewhat intense.

10. Help for social relations

Yoga can also help a better relationship with the social environment, from family to friends to even classmates and work. This is because it helps to relax the mind, and that allows us to deal with social relations in a more sensitive way. It also generates energy and positivity that strengthens and creates new friendships.

11. Increase energy

Although yoga is composed of different activities and postures, which at first sight can be finally exhausting, its ability to stretch the body and relax the mind allows us to recover freshness after day to day. Since sometimes, fatigue is found more in mind, so yoga helps restore lost energy.

12. Relief of tensions and contractures

Day-to-day activities, and even according to what another type of physical exercise, can generate pressure in different parts of the body, especially in the area of ​​the neck and shoulders. These yoga postures are effective in eliminating tension in the neck, back, and joint contractures.