Belly Fat Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases

Belly Fat Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases

Worldwide statistics show that cardiovascular diseases are the major causes of death among humans. In the year 2016, about 17 million people died from heart diseases. In 2016, the number of those who died of heart diseases in India increased by 34 times compared to 1990. These figures show how much we need to be aware of heart health. A major stomach fat in the heart of Indian people is a major stomach. 7 out of every 10 Indians have a risk of heart disease due to obesity. It is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent this.

What is belly Fat?

Many times it happens that a person feels lean or normal from the whole body, but fat is collected around his waist. This type of fat is visible from outside on wearing tight clothes. This is called belly fat. Metabolic disorders are triggered by the presence of fat around the stomach, especially the risk of cardiac diseases.

How to find out that there is fat on your stomach and waist?

Stomach fat is considered to be more dangerous than thighs or hips. If you have to find out how much fat is deposited in your stomach or waist, then you can use a meter measuring meter. Indians are usually considered to be 90 cm or more for men and 80 centimeters or more waist for women, respectively. Apart from this, you can extract the West-to-Hip (WHR) ratio to find out. More than 0.85 WHRs for women and more than 1.0 WHRs can be dangerous for men and this increases the possibility of heart diseases multiplied.

Stomach fat and heart diseases

Heart is the important part of our body because it supplies oxygen and nutrients to the whole body. Therefore it is necessary to remain healthy. There are many reasons for which there is a problem of functioning of the heart, one of them is the fat of the stomach.

The more fat deposited around your stomach, the greater the risk of heart diseases. That’s because obesity increases the level of triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol). Apart from this, blood pressure becomes even faster than usual. With the increase of LDL, triglycerides and cholesterol form a plaque in the arteries. Due to these plaques the arteries are processed and blood is difficult to reach the heart. This is the main cause of heart attack.

Why do Indians have stomach fat?

In most Indian people the cause of stomach fat and obesity is genetic. That is why we have to resort to both exercise and diet to reduce belly fat and reduce obesity. Although Indian food is also like this, it is not easy to reduce obesity. There is a lot of use of sugar (sugar) in Indian cuisine. Most Indian festivals are incomplete without sweet and sweet things. Apart from this, the use of refined carbohydrate products like basmati rice, oil-cooked food, flour, etc. is also good in Indian mines.

What to do to reduce belly fat?

Let us tell you that fried things are not a problem in themselves, nor cause obesity, but the oil used to fry it is saturated fat too much. Therefore, the use of fat, such as butter, cream, cheese etc., should not be used much by animals. Apart from this, it is also important that you do not use cheap vegetable oil (vegetable oil) as it contains hydrogenated fat. This type of saturated fat comes from packaged foods, biscuits, confectionary, French Fees and other fast foods. This fat is dangerous because it increases the amount of LDL in the body.

You should use oils that contain high levels of PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) and MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids). Using these, LDL’s level remains low.

According to the American Heart Association’s Advisory (2015-2020), if you use polyunsaturated fatty acids instead of saturated fat, then this reduces chances of heart diseases by up to 30 percent.

It has already been told that increasing belly fat increases LDL and cholesterol levels in the blood, causing arteries to block and increases the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, in order to reduce it, you should do a little physical activity daily and be cautious in eating and drinking. This will keep your heart healthy for a long time.