Bad Habits of Eating cause of Acidity

Bad Habits of Eating cause of Acidity

Acidity has become common due to poor lifestyle. For this, irregular food, oil and spicy foods are consumed and some addicts are responsible. There may also be blood pressure or sugar syndrome if there is a constant acidity problem. If you keep your food better, then you will be able to stay away from this type of problem.

In fact, the root of most diseases is in the stomach. If there is any malfunction in any part of the digestive system, then problems related to stomach begin. If you feel cautious about the heaviness of the stomach, repeatedly souring, discomfort in chest, dizziness, heartbeat fast, intense pain in the stomach, irritation of urine or obstruction etc., it can be acidity.

Those people who have poor digestion or who are suffering from constipation, are more likely to have gas and acidity. Today we are telling you through this article what is the cause of acidity and how you can fix it.

Symptoms of Acidity

Irritation of the chest or chest, and sour water in the mouth, the presence of sour water in the mouth is a major symptom of acidity. Chest pain can also be caused by acidity. It can also take the form of a serious problem if it is continuously acidity. On acidity, the patient feels that, like eating food, he is stuck in his throat, or at times, food comes along with Dakar. Apart from this, the problem is more like sleeping at night. In some serious cases, blood may also come with sour water in the mouth.

If it is being ignored, then it can lead to stomach ache, heartburn, cholesterol and even many diseases related to the heart and brain.

Measures to Avoid Acidity

  • The most important thing is to exercise restraint in your diet. Always grab babies, clean and eat fresh food.

  • Eat a little less from appetite and immediately after eating, instead of taking tea, coffee and juice, take a glass Lassi of black salt, cumin and mint.

  • In the food, try to consume only 20 percent of the other things with 80 percent fruits and vegetables.

  • You must decide at least 5 hours between each of your diet. Even avoid eating anything during this time.

  • Do not consume much of tea and coffee.

  • Never take heavy food at night and avoid eating fruits at night. Most of the stomach problems are caused by inverted and heavy diets taken at night.

  • The main reason for eating acne is not to eat food properly and not to chew the nit properly. That is why you are eating anything that is shaving if you are chewing tobacco, your possibilities of acidity remain only 50 percent.