Artery Blockage Symptoms and Treatment

Artery Blockage Symptoms and Treatment

Due to the irregularities associated with modern lifestyle, the number of heart patients in India is increasing rapidly. The heart is located on the left side, between the human chest. The heart muscles are lively and they need diet and oxygen to stay alive. When one or more arteries stop, some muscles of the heart can not get food and oxygen. This condition is called a heart attack. In this connection some people may have the illusion that there are more heart-related problems such as the problem of heart valve, the congenital heart problems etc., and when we talk of heart diseases, they are not usually included but These problems are also related to heart disease.

Nowadays, people’s routine is becoming irregular due to the highly busy lifestyles. Due to lack of time, most people rely on junk food. Ghee-oil, flour, sugar and chilli-spices are used extensively in everyday food. The number of alcohol and cigarette smokers is increasing rapidly in the younger generation. While the speed of pumping of the heart is uncontrolled with the consumption of alcohol, there are many toxic elements found in nicotine, which damage the inner part of the blood vessels of the heart. Apart from this, after drinking cigarettes, blood pressure increases with heartbeat, which becomes the cause of heart diseases.

What is Problem?

If a person prays for long periods of care and routine, then he gets the harmful cholesterol LDL (lipoprotein deposit cholesterol) in his heart racket tubes. With every heart beat in normal condition, blood is properly filled with oxygen in all parts of the body by pumping blood, but reducing the function of heart in the case of blanchesis in the arteries and causing a blockage in blood flow. Especially when the oxygenated blood stream does not reach the brain, it increases the risk of heart attack.

Symptoms of Artery Blockage

  1. Light or severe pain in the left side of the chest, sometimes it also reaches the shoulders, arms or jaw.

  2. Occasionally symptoms like noisia also appear.
  3. Because of the blockage, oxygenated blood is not accessible to all parts of the body. This makes breathing difficulties, suffocation, restlessness, unnecessary fatigue and weakness.

  4. False strokes, dark shades in front of the eyes, strong perspiration, and limb hands and feet are the main symptoms.

Treatment of artery Blockage

Usually, blockage is detected by angiography when there is fear of blockage in arteries. If the blockage is light (20 to 45 percent), then it can be removed from medicines, but the problem is severely treated (80 to 90 percent blockage), it is treated by angioplasty method. Pacemaker, a small battery powered device, also works well in the problem of the anterior blockage. It is fitted to the heart by the operation. The waves coming out of it are helpful in maintaining the beating of the heart. In more severe cases, bypass surgery is also done. If the blockage is too much, it is not possible to use angiogram techniques through legs. In such a situation, techniques of artery graft and wen graft are used. By opening each and every artery one by one, the blockage is removed from there. The same technique has been used in the case given here. Since the patient’s arterial tubes were extremely narrow. Their diameter was approximately 1mm. Therefore, for her grafting, more fine thread was used than hair.

Home Remedies for Heart Blockage

Walk 3 to 4 kilometers daily in the morning. Cholesterol is less than taking a bud of garlic in the morning. Using eggplant in food reduces cholesterol content. By taking onion or onion juice, the heart rate is controlled. The heart patient should use low-calorie vegetables like greens like gourd, spinach, beta and fenugreek. Avoid consumption of ghee, butter, creamy milk and fried things. Ginger or ginger juice also helps in preventing blood clotting. Alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided.