8 Healthy Snacks for Morning and Evening Rich

8 Healthy Snacks for Morning and Evening Rich

Often people are worried about this thing about what to eat in the breakfast, which is also delicious and healthy. In fact, most of the people eat food, but they spoil their health by eating out things in the morning and evening snacks. If you want healthy and nutritious snacks or snacks, try these 8 things. These snacks are not only low calorie but also very nutritious, due to which all the essential elements are found for your body. Breakfast should be like this in which the quantity of protein, vitamins and carbohydrate is balanced, while evening snacks should always be light.

Corn lick

You can eat delicious corn chicks at any time in the morning or evening. There is a high amount of fiber in it so it quickly fills your stomach. To make corn licking, first boil it. After this, chop the tomatoes, onion and serve. You can put lemon juice and chut masala in it for taste. Vitamin C, bioflavinoid, carotenoids and fiber are found in abundance in corn. It reduces cholesterol, blocking the arteries. It is helpful in controlling fiber cholesterol present in it.

Makhana Dryfruits Namkeen

Pickling of Makhana is easy and you can also store it. For this, heat one spoon of oil in the pan and fry it until some of the makhanas are crisp. Now heat some oil again in the same pan and put a pinch cumin seeds or mustard in it. When cumin seeds begin to cook, add red chillies and curry leaves in the pan. Along with this, add your favorite dry fruit like cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, raisins etc. Now add one or two pinch of garam masala and salt according to taste and fry the masala. After that put a little dry poha and fry until it becomes crisp. Add the makhana to the last and mix well and fry for a few seconds. When all the things get better, shut the gas. Your special and Tasty Makhana snacks are ready. After cooling, store it in an airtight bins and eat whenever you want.


Sproutes of soaked gram or moong dal are the best food for the morning. For this, soak the gram and moong at night and take out the water in the cotton cloth in the morning. You can also use peas, soybeans and peanuts to germinate if you wish. On the next day when the bud comes out, then eat raw salads and vegetables together. Sprouts are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers. These include iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, copper and niacin, besides Vitamin A, B, E, C, which are very important for your better health.

Eat oats

Oats are the best snacks. Eating it stomachs and it is also beneficial for your heart. It can be eaten in many ways like milk porridge or vegetable porridge. By eating it regularly, there is no problem growing cholesterol.

Eat Roasted Gram

Roasted grams are the best sources of iron and protein, so you can eat grilled gram in the evening breakfast. Eating roasted grams keeps the stomach clean and muscles are strong. It contains zinc which helps in refining the skin. You can also eat raw vegetables and chat masala in roasted gram and also can eat with jaggery. By eating gram with jaggery, the brain gets faster. It contains vitamin B6 which enhances the memory.

Eat Poha

This is the most nutritious and healthy snack in a short time, which you can eat at any time in the morning or evening. Poha is low in calories and it is also considered very good for the body. It does not increase weight by eating it. The more vegetables you make in the poha will become more nutritious.