8 Effective Natural Home Remedies to Stay hard in Bed

8 Effective Natural Home Remedies to Stay hard in Bed

Majority of males use medicines and drugs to stay hard and last longer in the bed. And many of these medicines are not verified by medical experts. Their impact and side effects are unknown. They overall result is harmful effect on human body and added stress due to lack of desired results.

The best ways to increase sexual power and stay longer in bed is achieved by natural methods. It is for both younger and older males to rely on natural remedies to improve health. And improved health will always ensure a better sexual health. The only difference between natural remedies and FDA certified medicines for boosting sex drive is that latter will give instant result. Medicines like generic Viagra 150 mg instantly push blood circulation to give you an erection. Natural remedies will take time, but ensure a permanent result with overall improvement.

8 Natural remedies to ensure a greater sexual health

Any natural remedy to improve sexual health and vigour cannot be complete without mention of food. The food is the single important factor in body and mental wellbeing in human beings. Even you cannot use medicines to improve health or sexual power without a sound health. So the priority should always be on health and mental wellbeing. These two fundamentals will give you a sexual health to stay longer in bed. Let us start the list of natural remedies with food

Food or diet

Staying power in bed means a greater stamina, which in turn depends on your health especially cardiovascular health. onions , citrus fruit , nuts , berries , garlic , eggs , meat , and plant based food , which means quinoa , beans , spinach , seeds and wholegrain bread, etc. should be part of your diet . Avoid junk food and keep smoking and drinking at the moderate level. Food is the foundation for your further development of sexual health. Never neglect it.

Light exercises to stretch the body

Push ups,squats, few sit-ups and basic sun salutation exercise will be a great way to keep body fit and promote blood circulation. You need blood vessels flexible and clear of any obstruction to the blood flow. Skipping is another excellent way to shed extra weight and increase stamina. Even after the use of medicines like Cenforce 50mg, you get only 5 hours of erection support, but you need stamina for last longer. ED drugs only make sure that you have erection with sexual stimulation. All these exercises need be part of your daily routine, if possible, to get stamina for longer stay.

Milk with dates 

Have a glass of milk with dates and almond at night after dinner. Boil dates in the milk at low flame and get the dates get completely dissolved into milk. This is a great way to increase sexual energy and libido for keeping the desire alive for longer period.


Almond are sexual and fertility booster. Take them without removing their skin. Almond is rich in nutrients and mineral that are essential for sexual health.Selenium, vitamin E, zinc especially boost libido, and sexual desire.

Black soaked grams

A simple handful of soaked black grams in morning will keep a lot of lifestyle diseases away. The major cause of erectile dysfunction in mid aged males. It keeps you free from extra fat, cholesterol issue, maintains blood sugar level, prevents diabetes, and gives a tremendous boost to your energy level.

Soaked black gram also increase haemoglobin in blood by transporting oxygen to all cells in the body. And increase metabolism. Since it is full of fibre, your system is cleared in the morning to keep you fresh and energetic.

Look out for your mood

Mood plays an important part in the whole sexual life. You cannot enjoy anything without a cheerful mood. Younger males with erectile dysfunction suffer from emotional causes.Junk food can be the driver of stress and anxiety. You need to cut junk food consumption to get into a cheerful mood.

Practice tantric sex technique

It involves just enjoying each other without though of penetrative sex. You and your partner can perform some yoga posture together. Synchronize your breathing and explore various erotic zones of your body. Slow down the movement of foreplay. Discover the various ways of foreplay and enhancing the joy of being together. Massage each other with herbal oil. A great way to remove stress and tension before a great session.

Control premature ejaculation

These natural remedies will control premature ejaculation as well. But still if you feel that it may happen, you can use a lower dose ofCialis 5mg for confidence that you get another erection anytime you want in 36 hours. This is the impact period of the drug. Premature ejaculation also leads to erectile dysfunction. , so cure it before starting a sex session.

Natural remedies will reduce your need for a stronger dose of erectile dysfunction medicines. The moderate to higher degree of erectile dysfunction are cured by these methods. However, if you feel that your erectile dysfunction condition is of a higher degree, you can use Levitra 60 mg a higher dose to overcome it. Once you get an erection, the erection will last up to 5 hours. Even here, the natural remedies support you to stay longer in the bed.

Natural remedies need to be simple to become part of daily life

Natural remedies should be part of your daily life. It helps to maintain them and stick with them on the daily basis. Any remedies which requires extra effort or you need to go out of your way to complete that will never work longer. So emphasis has been made to include simple natural remedies which are not expensive. Most of the items used in food are part of your daily intake of diet. Similarly, fitness regimen has to be simple and free from dependence on any equipment. You can work all these exercises at home. You do not need special gym or space for keeping yourself fit.