7 Easy Ways to Stop Sciatica in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift and if you have received this gift then you are one of the luckiest people in the world. But sometimes it can be tiresome and overwhelming. Because a completely new being is growing inside you and that being kicks your butt gives pressure on your lungs and make you eat things that you will never eat in your normal days.

Pains and aches are the obvious part of pregnancy but one of the most uncomfortable pains is lower back pain. This pain is a sharp shooting pain that radiates from the butt and goes to the leg and foot. What is the cause of this pain?

Sciatica! Sciatica is a condition that is very painful and is caused by nerve compression.

In this blog, I am going to tell you what sciatica is, the causes of sciatica, symptoms, and 7 easy ways to stop sciatica in early pregnancy.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatic nerve is huge nerve which is branched from spinal cord spreads to lower back including buttocks and legs. Through this nerve lower part of the back can feel the sensation like Pressure pain and torment.

Cause of Sciatica nerve pain:

Most of the time in pregnancy Sciatica occurs because of growth of uterus putting pressure on sciatic nerve causing pain, irritation, and inflammation.

Sometimes it happens due to Slipped disc in spine or due to the sudden involuntary muscular contraction in buttock which can damage the nerve causing torment disturbance and irritation.

Initial symptoms of sciatica can cause pain in the lower side of back buttocks and both legs starting from the lower side of back and traveling down into the legs.

Some of the symptoms by whom doctors identify this are:

  • Not fully control over bladder 
  • Pain in legs
  • deadness, shivering, or a tingling sensation in the legs
  • Weakening of legs and lower side of the back
  • Worst pain during sneezing and coughing
  • Burning like feeling from lower back parts from buttocks to toe

Women facing these symptoms during pregnancy should consult doctors ASAP.

7 easy ways to stop sciatica in early pregnancy:

If controlled in the early pregnancy sciatica can be cured to the maximum level. Here are 7 easy ways to help you in dealing with this uncomfortable pain.

  1. Physical therapy

Physical therapy helps pregnant women in back pain and helps in manipulating muscles, joints pressure points of nerves. Physical therapist teaches women how to sit, walk, lie down, bend forward, and stand.

The physical therapist helps women limiting their joints and helps them in increasing the motion of the joint to 75%. For example, they place tape on the back of their knees to remind them to unlock the knees while moving.

  • Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is one of the top choices among pregnant women. It is one of the most popular techniques known for pain relief of nerves, joints, muscles, and back hurting because of the weight of pregnancy.

Yoga is best for flexibility practice and strengthening of movement. Yoga helps in relaxing the mind and make making the pregnant woman sleep better.

  • Acupuncture

It is an East Asian medical technique which helps in releasing pressure from specific pressure points using fine needles that are inserted in the pressure points, for emotional and physical health.

It is helpful in different health issues in pregnant women for example:

  • boosting the energy level
  • digestion
  • morning sickness
  • back pain
  • migraine

A positive correlation has been witnessed between back pain relief in pregnancy and acupuncture. Many women have given positive feedbacks.

But pregnant women should consult a doctor first before going through this procedure.

  • Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care deals with joint cracking adjustments. Chiropractors help pregnant women in their

  • joint manipulation
  • softening of the tissues
  • nerve compression
  • muscular tightness
  • alignment of joints

Chiropractors have helped many pregnant women and many chiropractors suggest that the back pain of a pregnant woman is manageable. 

  • Wearing the right shoes

Pregnancy is a tiresome job and if you are wearing High Fashion heel shoes you are not doing any good to your back. High heels create pressure on the back by increasing your curvature and this puts pregnancy weight on hip joints and lower spine.

But it doesn’t mean that walking in flat shoes is the answer. You should wear proper shoes and you can find supportive shoes for sciatica online. Choosing the right footwear is a little tricky; Ben comes with a package of information for picking good shoes for sciatica.

Low heel shoe distributes the weight of your pregnancy on the legs and the backs as well as that are supportive and stable.

  • Maternity belt

It is a supportive undergarment that helps in holding up the belly so that the lower back is not much strained. Many doctors suggest working women Maternity belts. 

Maternity belts are a substitute for helping your lower spine in preventing struggle between your abdominal core muscles. Rather than getting any medication for lower back pain Maternity belts help way better. 

  • Sleep support 

If a better posture is considered in the sleeping hours it can help in preventing the back pain a lot. There are different ways of sleeping in pregnancy but one of the most effective ways is to sleep on your side keeping a pillow between your knees. This will reduce stress on your lower back and pelvis.

As soon as you come across the good news of getting pregnant you should start working on your sleeping posture this is going to help you in not coming across the back pain in early pregnancy days. Expert advice to keep a wooden board under your mattress or to get a firm mattress for proper sleep.  Women should get a firm and smart sleep. 

Sciatica can be irritating and painful if not taken care of in the early pregnancy days. There are many ways you can take care of your sciatica in early pregnancy days, for example, you can wear proper ankle support shoes that help balance your body weight on your legs and back. You can go for different exercises suggested by your doctor, and take care of your sleeping posture.