7 Easy and Healthy Way to take care of A Baby in Summer

7 Easy and Healthy Way to take care of A Baby in Summer

Babies’ health is fragile. Their body’s immune system (immune system) is weak. So they soon become victims of any disease, but following some suggestions can solve their problem. Keeping in mind some things, we can save our child from the heat outbreak …

How to take care a baby in summer

  1. In the summer the child should wear light colored or white cotton clothes. It will be more comfortable. Babies can have trouble with any other type of clothing, because the heat settles inside and can’t get out early and the sweat released from the body does not get to dry. When the sweat of the body is vaporized then only a feeling of coolness occurs.

  2. The body demands heat in the heat. That’s because, because of sweating, the blood starts to thicken. Give the child more drinks, which is cold, then relief is more, but if it is moderately cold, then it will be appropriate. Juice and sorbet, etc. also give extra energy.

  3. In summer, the child can be shunned both times. The bath clears the skin and the pores of the skin are open, so sweat can get out of comfort. After sweating, the body feels cold. It is not okay to apply powders, so that the pores of the skin are stopped and allergies can also occur.

  4. If A.C. and cooler system are arranged, it will be fine, but more coolness also disrupts the body’s process. The temperature of the AC will be 27 degrees for a small child. The child will be saved from direct cold air. If the child comes out from outside to the AC or cooler room, it is also not appropriate to slow down the temperature of his body. Yes, do not forget to change the water of the cooler from time to time, mosquitoes will grow and the chances of malaria will increase.

  5. If water sports is arranged, let the child enjoy it. If the water is not polluted, then encourage it for swimming. Coolness, recreation and exercise will be together.

  6. Children are more susceptible to stomach injection. That’s why he only fed fresh food. Arrange safe water to avoid water borne diseases i.e., water-borne diseases.

  7. Breastfeeding children are more secure. The mother’s milk is pure, it contains plenty of water and the infection is not at all. The child does not need water from above. Do not give milk to the child from the scars at all.