5 Yogasanas overcome Physical Weakness Get Rid of Insomnia and Stress

5 Yogasanas overcome Physical Weakness Get Rid of Insomnia and Stress

A weak body weakens your confidence and courage. A decrease in your Stemina, Nerve Instability and a weakened immune system leads your body to termination. As a result, we are unable to do any physical work. Our body becomes home to anxiety and stress, which causes many life threatening illnesses. It is necessary that we strengthen our weak body. Here are some Yogasana, with the help of which you can strengthen your body and fill it with energy.

Here are 5 best Yogasanas that will remove your physical and muscular weakness, know how to do it and other benefits.

1: Padangusthasana:

Padungusthasana is called Big Toe Pose in English. It is an effective yoga posture that stretches the entire body and also helps to relieve pain and fatigue. It removes weakness of the body and provides many other benefits. To do this, stand up straight and bend forward. Make sure your feet are completely straight. Hold the toes with your fingers. Keep your elbows straight. Keep your forehead in a relaxed position. Remain in the same posture for 60 seconds.

2: Adho Mukha Svanasana:

Downward Facing Dog Pose creates a good stretch in your arms and shoulders along with relieving your stress and anxiety. This improves blood circulation. To do this, straighten your legs and return to the inverted “V” position while keeping your knees straight from the ground. Pull yourself backwards. Breathe and release 10-20 times while in this position.

3. Ardha Chandrasana:

Performing Half Moon Pose provides immediate relief from physical fatigue, headache, back pain etc. Start it with an extended triangle pose. Extend your right leg and raise your left leg equal to the floor. Turn the torso slightly to your left. Keep your head in a neutral position and make sure that your right leg bears the maximum weight of your body. Hold for 30 seconds.

4. Ananda Balasana:

Anand Baby Pose, an excellent yoga posture to calm the mind and relieve fatigue. It also stretches the spine and helps keep the hips maintained. To do this, lie on your back straight, bend your knees and pull them towards the stomach. Hold your feet with your palms. Extend your knees with your torso and bring them near your armpits. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

5. Halasana:

Plow Pose is known as the remedy for insomnia. This pose reduces back pain, depression and increases energy levels. Start it with Sarvangasana. Bend at the hips. Gradually, lower your toes up and out of the head and rest them on the floor. Keep your torso perpendicular to the ground and feet fully extended. Support your back with your hands. Hold it for as long as you want.

By doing all these Yogasanas regularly you will definitely get benefit. If you have any type of disease, then before taking this yoga, please consult the expert.