3 Types of Thyroid in Children, Start Treatment Immediately

3 Types of Thyroid in Children, Start Treatment Immediately

Thyroid problems are rare in children than adults. But if the child has a thyroid problem, then its effect depends on its development. Thyroid gland produces hormones which regulate metabolism. It has a dangerous effect on the child. This can cause problems like fatigue, weakness, weight gain, irritability and depression. Let’s know the thyroid problem and its effect in children –

1. Inborn Hypothyroidism

Symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism in children are visible from birth. Due to this the problem may arise after the birth of a newborn immediately. This is the main reason why thyroid gland is not well developed. Some children do not even have thyroid gland. This causes infant psychiatric problems (cretinism). Therefore, one should examine its thyroid function within one week of childbirth.

2. Transient innate Hypothyroidism

If the mother has thyroid problems during pregnancy then the baby may have this problem. However, it is difficult to find differences in transient hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism in infants. If this type of thyroid problem appears in the baby during testing, then it is cured after some time of treatment.

3. Hashimotose Thyroiditis

This problem of thyroid in children and adolescents is the most common. It is also called autoimmune disease (in which immune system can not distinguish healthy and ill cells). In children, this disease occurs only after 4 years of age. In this the body’s immune system affects the thyroid gland. The symptoms of this problem in children are seen very slowly. If there is such a problem in children, thyroid gland becomes undeactive and it affects brain development most.

Graves Diseases

These diseases are usually in children and adolescents. After this disease, the size of the thyroid gland increases. This creates more amount of hormones in the body. Which is why children have hyperthyroidism problems. Due to this there is a problem of fatigue, irritability in children. Due to this children do not feel like studying.

Parents should Do this

Often parents are responsible for their thyroid problem in children. If the mother has thyroid problems during pregnancy then the child may also have thyroid problems. Apart from this, the mother’s diet also influences the child’s thyroid function. If there is a lack of iodised foods in the diet chart of the mother during pregnancy, then its impact falls on the infant. However, the symptoms of thyroid problems in adults, adolescents and children are normal. But if children have a thyroid problem then their physical and mental development will be affected. If there is a thyroid problem in children then contact the pediatrician.