Do COVID 19 only effect human being

The assumption of COVID 19 is still having the confusion that does it affect only humans only. Obviously everyone having the same thinking whether its men, women or even any living thing, even it can affect your pets as well. The basic fact that delivering the message with these COVIDContinue Reading

What is a Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is an extensive surgical procedure in which the improperly functioning liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver from either a deceased donor or a portion is taken from the liver of a healthy donor. The liver is the largest internal organ performing various critical functions,Continue Reading

4 Simple Yoga Exercises for Your Eyes

Working from home has increased our working hours between COVID-19 lockdowns. At the same time, stress, neck and back pain, weight gain and eye problems are increasing due to working long hours. Apart from work, spending a lot of time looking at various screens, especially mobile phones, is having aContinue Reading

Whitening Teeth Got Easy Because of This Tips

Many people are nervous about going to the dentist, because they don’t like to possess their mouths poked and prodded. Nevertheless, the slight inconvenience of a bi annual cleaning is not as invasive as the root canal which can come if you never look after your teeth. Visiting the dentistContinue Reading

Rules for using Internet for Children

Internet has become an important part in our life. In today’s time, we can do a lot of our work through the Internet and can easily get information about anything. Through the Internet, we are connected to social media. Social media has now become a medium that keeps people connectedContinue Reading

Buy Drugs Online and Get Better

You may purchase medication Online through a national pharmacy chain or a mail-order program offered by your insurance. Though you’ll bump into several legitimate online drug stores, you ought to apprehend that there are those not authorized within the us. There are even people who aren’t pharmacies in any respect.Continue Reading

Greek Quinoa Salad

I remember I have been blogging about the recipes on several platforms for multiple dishes, but on this platform, I don’t have many words about it and I am feeling very excited about this post. That is all okay with me. Each morning I wake up early in the morning,Continue Reading