Dry Eye Syndrome Parenting Children Eye Study

If the eyes are rigid, then the speed of reading decreases. The stinginess of eyes is a disease in which there is no sufficient amount of tears from the eyes. This is called dry eye syndrome. It affects the function of eyes. Researchers who researched this syndrome show that peopleContinue Reading

Harmful Effects of Using Makeup Daily

Making a daily makeup affects the natural color of the skin. It also causes various types of damage to the skin and eyes. Read these points in detail about the damage caused by makeup.

Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin Care in Winter

Our skin breathes through the pores (the hair follicles) and when the pores are closed, not only does the skin relax in breathing, but the disorders that persist in sweating also stop and flourish. The stiffness of the skin in the cold makes a lot of trouble. This is calledContinue Reading