8 Symptoms of Anemia A Person Becomes Anemic

Signs of iron deficiency anemia can often be subtle and obscure, but it is the most common form of anemia. Iron is a necessary mineral, so if you lack it, then your body can not make enough healthy red blood cells. Those red blood cells have haemoglobin, which is richContinue Reading

What is anemia

There is anemia disease due to lack of folic acid, iron and vitamin-B12 in the body. In this disease the level of red blood cells from the body becomes less than normal. The biggest cause of anemia is the lack of blood in the body. Due to anemia, the patientContinue Reading

What is Bronchitis, Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment?

Bronchitis or bronchitis is a disease related to respiration. In this, bronchial tubes or swollen airways between the mouth and nose and lungs. In particular, lymphatic bronchial tubes have swelling in bronchitis. Individuals with this disease decrease their ability to take oxygen in the lungs. This creates caffeine on theContinue Reading

2 Symptoms are Signs of Lack of Potassium in the Body

Potassium is one of the most essential minerals for our body, including calcium, potassium chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulphur. Generally, adults require 47,000 mg of potassium per day, and this is a nutritious nutrient that comes from everyday food. It is extremely important for cells, tissues and muscles. PotassiumContinue Reading