10 Things You Never Knew About Contact Lenses

11 Things You Never Knew About Contact Lenses

Of course, there is an invisible way to increase your eyesight. But, if you wear contact lenses, then you will know about all the problems related to it.

  1. Effect of contact lens

Of course, there is an invisible way to increase your eyesight. But, if you wear contact lenses, then you will know about all the problems related to it. Losing or losing contact lens can put you in a lot of trouble. And using it without solution also gives a very bad experience. At the time of introducing contact lenses, you unknowingly face the finger in the eye. We deliberately do not wear a contact, it is all done to enhance our eyesight. Let’s know some unknown things related to the contact lens.

2. Dryness due to salt

Many people who wear contact lenses often complain of stubbornness in the eyes-to-day-ending eyes. This is because the contact lenses are actually dry or dry. Due to the natural tears of the eyes, lenses remain in contact with salt throughout the day. As the tear comes out physically in the eyes, some salt lancers remain attached to it. This saline element is good for the eyes, but not too much salt.

3. Gets salty from crying

Yes, it is true that tears are salt, but knowing this, you will not be able to live without being surprised. The tears that come out of your eyes during the crying are actually less salty than those in the eye. So when you cry, you affect the balance of salt in the pupil of the eye. After crying, your contact lenses are not so salty, which can make you feel weird.

4. Get rid of new technology lenses

Researchers researched for a decade after the problems of the problem. After this, a company claimed to make more advanced lenses. This lens is the first lens of its kind, made of three layers. A hydrofilic surface gel has been placed in front of the layer between the silicon hydrogel. It is more soluble than conventional one layer lens. Due to these layers, the pupils get more moisture than before. And with that they are thin and more effective.

5. Applying everyday contacts is beneficial for your health

There are many types of contact lenses – daily in it, once in two weeks or once in a month etc. are the main ones. Usually, people opt for long lasting lenses. But the lenses that are taken off daily are better. They are the safest. These lenses are also protected from bacteria for a long time.

6. Cleanliness is not right, then deli expensive

People often worry about the cost of these lenses. But, if there is a combination of the cost of cleaning the lens and other things in it, then it sits at the same price as long wearable lenses. These are also better for those who wear lenses on a regular basis, because the lens can not be kept in the long-term solution.

7. Night wearable lenses

It seems to be happening in the future. Sleep by putting a lens in the night and by the morning your eyesight will be completely cured. But to re-shape the cornea, it is present from many years of Arthritis or Ortho. Artho-lens corrects the cornea overnight. The cornea remains in the same size throughout the day. This process is fine in children and adolescents, whose eyes constantly change. Such people who do not want to wear glasses and who have a slight vagueness. Its price can vary.

8. Lens is better than laser surgery

Many times you become so upset with lenses or glasses that you decide to perform a lascivious operation. But, there are some disadvantages of this. After doing lascivious, its effects can not be overturned. However, this feature with the lens if you’re having trouble of some kind, you can put it off. However, there may be permanent problems of dry-eying, night sighting and infection etc. after several lascivious injections.

9. Only hard contact lenses for people troubled by distortions

The first ever contact lens, hard contact, are really good. These are the only lenses of their kind, which fix any deformities on the surface of the eye, such as scars or injury. Hard lenses do not contact the eyes directly, then by applying it tears get stuck between the lens and the eyes. This fluid helps in removing vision impurities caused by lack of presence on the surface of the eye.

10. The first contact lens was glass

Contact lenses were first created for those who were badly damaged. These lenses were not used for poor visually. This is the matter of the last years of the 19th century. The lenses were made of glass and later they were attached to the damaged portion of the eye with the help of animal jelly, so that people could see it again. Later, doctors realized that vision can also be treated with the help of this technique.

11. The contact lens is actually affected by the telescope

Even though the contact lens started in the 19th century, it got more popularity in the 20th century itself. John William Herschel, who was the son of astronaut William Herschel. There is also a telescope in Spain in the name of William. The father-son was an expert in grinding the lens for both the telescopes, and John discovered that if the same lens was grinded on a small scale, then it could be enhanced by human eyes.