Bowel Cancer

A type of bacteria living in intestines, which we also call gut bacteria, can also be the cause of bowel cancer. According to recent research, people with a certain type of bacteria in the intestine may be at greater risk of developing bowel cancer. The intestinal microbiome is a collectionContinue Reading

The Best Ways To Properly Shave Down There

Shaving pubic hair is continually an awesome way to make sure that you stay cool and clean all of the time. It is also an excellent way to take care of yourself. So you do not have to smell due to sweat. You don’t need to have any appointments forContinue Reading

It is often said that 75 percent of the human body is made up of water and to keep the body healthy it is very important to maintain that part. Drinking at least 8 to 9 glasses of water a day is considered essential for a healthy body. Doctors areContinue Reading

Malaria is an infectious disease spread by mosquito bites. A person has high fever and feels cold due to malaria. During the rainy season, the terror of mosquitoes increases, so the risk of diseases like dengue-malaria and chikungunya also increases. The risk of malaria is higher for younger children andContinue Reading

Knowing how the human organism acts in the face of lack or excess of food, and the need to maintain good physical activity is essential. Losing weight is the purpose of many people when the New Year arrives. However, after the arrival of February, there are many who have givenContinue Reading